Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NewTown's Moment of Silence, an opportunity to speak

Dec 21, 2012....Heart-wrenching.  That's about the only word I have to describe my response to the images of weeping and sorrow I saw on television yesterday and this morning. Parents and classmates, neighbors and friends saying goodbye to children who left too soon.

I've watched the political comments from friends, strangers, politicians and commentators. Like you, I've cheered some and been horrified by others.  I am appalled by those who use the tragic loss of life to push a political agenda, whether gun control or prayer In schools.

The reality is that God cannot be kept from any place. His Spirit moves like the wind. We cannot keep Him out of schools.  I cannot say I've fully agreed with any of the comments I've heard, though I certainly appreciate some. If you haven't heard Huckabee's commentary, it is worth a listen, and the poem "'11 DaysBefore Christmas" by Cameo Smith is moving.

I'm struck by the thought that up against all this talk of evil, calls for new laws, and hurting, broken families, is the celebration of Christmas.  And while the nation participates in a moment of silence for the victims of this tragic shooting today, I believe it is time for Christian believers to be speaking.  Today and over the course of the next few days, many will be hurting, others will be asking questions, and looking for answers.  Breaking through the clutter and noise requires determination and patience, but people are listening. They need to hear of a heavenly Father would understands the lost of a child. They need to be introduced to a Lord who had compassion on those who were seeking physical and emotional healing and answers to life's difficult questions.  They need to know of a Savior who sacrificed his own life for those He loved.

May we speak with confidence of God's love which he so greatly lavished upon us.  May we pray with confidence that the Comforter is here to minister to those in need. And may we comfort the hurting with the comfort with which we ourselves have been comforted.

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