Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tenacity - A key to success

Heard about the importance of tenacity today - at Church.  Not that I'm surprised, but I wonder if others were.  Seems to me we need more talk about tenacity.  We don't use the word much, but I suspect that many of you teach this to your kids - we do.  Sometimes I call it stick-to-it-ive-ness, which is actually in the dictionary.  We tell our kids to finish what they've started, to hold on long enough to get through it, to not give up, to work hard, quitters never win.  But somewhere along the way we are apt to forget it ourselves.  We decide its easier to just go along, to take the easy way, that we're just too tired, or "you can't fight city hall".

Genesis, Chapter 32, records the account of Jacob wrestling with God and we have the benefit of learning about holding on and not letting go. Jacob's wrestling comes at a time when he fears the future.  He's about to return home after 20 years and he is afraid that his big brother, Esau, will not be pleased, to say the least.  Jacob's between a rock and a hard place, God has told him to go home and he will prosper, but all he can think about is the danger and risk.

I suppose that's true for most of us.  Often times success alludes us because of fear.  We've heard from the Lord, we've built a plan, we've charted a course, we've set the stage. But then thoughts of the journey overwhelm us, or we are afraid to confront because we need the support, or we are hesitant to realign the organization, or to say no to something because we don't want too much disruption.  Fear of making a mistake can get in the way of our own success.  At times like this, a leader must be tenacious.  Hold the course, launch the product, implement the change, address the issues.  Don't shy away from the hard things, don't give up, don't take the easy way, finish what you've started, don't lose heart.  Blessing/Prosperity/Success comes after the struggle.

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