Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's it take to Win?

Greetings.  Today I'm doing something a bit different.  I am asking you to respond. What does it take to win?  Many people seem to believe is a zero sum gain.  In other words, I cannot win unless you lose.  Win-Win is not in their vocabulary...or if they do use it, they really only mean, "I win, you don't know you lose".

I am convinced that an attitude focused on winning is an absolute necessity for business success.  So, if that's true, what does it take to gain and maintain that winning attitude, build a winning team, and succeed.  I realize there are all sorts of definitions for success and many people will claim they are successful because they have a great family, or good friends, or have learned to be content.  I am not challenging the concepts, but if I am honest with you, my first reaction to those types of comments is that I wonder whether they really set out to have a great family...in other words, was that their initial definition of success, or have they worked hard to redefine what success means to them.

I suspect that some of you will find me to be focused on the wrong thing when I tell you that my definition of winning includes it ALL.  I am not satisfied with only having success in one area of my life.  I am not satisfied with only winning at relationships, or with my family, or in being appreciated.  I want to succeed in every part of my life.  That's not to say that I believe I am winning everywhere.  It's also not saying that I will win everywhere, but at the same time that I am learning to be content, in any circumstances (as the Apostle Paul wrote), my desire to push ahead, strive for the next step, find ways around obstacles, savor every moment, cultivate every open field, try something new, remains.

How about you?  How do you live contented at what is, and yet "press on to gain the prize".

I want your comments and thoughts.  I'll provide some of my own as well, but over the course of time, I'll likely come back to this theme again ad again.

In the meantime, my Peace and Joy be yours today.


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