Thursday, August 28, 2014

Building Great Teams @ Work

Industrial Solutions recently teamed up with WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc. to deliver a workshop entitled, "Building Great Teams @ Work". The workshop emphasizes a critical element in building a Healthy Organization.  According to Drs. Jeff and Renee Hale, there are 5 drivers to healthy organizations beginning with being customer centered and building a culture where leaders are committed and employees are caring.  Healthy Organizations are also marked by having effectively connected their people and processes in a way that ensures they are generating sustainable cash flow and profitability.

Building a healthy organizational culture or re-engineering a troubling culture begins with establishing a common purpose but requires effective communication, trust, and  teamwork. 

One of the highly valuable tools in building strong and effective teams, growing leaders and enhancing organizational development, is the DiSC Workplace and DiSC Leadership profiles.  DiSC profiles are a center-piece of our new workshop and provide tools and methods for establishing a great team.

Here's some questions to ask as you seek to enhance your team's effectiveness:

1) Do we have a common set of objectives and are individual objectives aligned with the organizational objectives?
2) Are there team members who feel left out of the discussion? Do we have trouble getting everyone on the same page?
3) Does our team exhibit honest and open communication? Do team members trust one another and are they willing to be vulnerable, to tell the truth, to buck the status quo?
4) Are we making progress? Does my team know how to execute? Do we get things done?

One of my former bosses used to talk about degrees of dysfunction.  He compared it to a family. When the day comes to begin remodeling the bathroom, will anyone be surprised, or will everyone know this is happening?  Even if they know it is happening, can everyone describe the changes? Do we know the timetable, the color scheme, whether we are painting or papering?

Effective organizations focus on key objectives, share them often, align their people and processes around these objectives and continually reinforce these objectives by regularly meeting and tracking the critical factors that can most impact their success.

Take the first step in building a great team. Work on communication, secure agreement about key objectives, build an action plan, and monitor your critical factors.

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